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The Continents

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1 The Continents on Tue Nov 15, 2016 12:51 am

Sarion - Kingdom of Magic and Sorcery proficient with spell circles and various forms of alchemy. Also known as the kingdom of silence, a place of hermits and wise men whose sole purpose is to explain the unexplainable and learn what the world has to offer. Feared not only for their power, but their secretive nature.

Ingracia - The Kingdom of Knights, users of inner force and masters of blades and various weapons. One of the larger kingdoms of the continent who place honor and strength over all else. Their expansion is heavily backed by their ruthless king.

Crimson Desert - The wasteland of tribes and so-called 'savages' (as labeled by the kingdom) Strong warriors of inner force, witchcraft, and mysterious techniques. Although strong enough to oppose the Kingdoms surrounding them they lack unity, with each tribe holding different values and clashing ideals.

Valdos - The One True Empire. Brought together by the powers of military might and steady diplomacy, a nation of scholars and religion mixed in perfect harmony. Known as the birthplace of many masters, be it of assassination, Taoist magic, summoning magic, etc. A place where all can learn freely.

The Great Jura Forest - Said to be the home of mythical creatures unseen to the eyes of mortals. No one truly knows what hides amidst the endless rows of trees, but its mystery brings the temptation for adventure. Rumored to be the domain of elves, ogres, and dragons alike an ecosystem that's existed since the creation of the world.

Solomon Sovereignty - A place of fear and malice, the ruling area of the 52 Pillars of Solomon. Many mysteries surround this supposed kingdom ruled by demons and devils.

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