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General Rules

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1 General Rules on Thu Feb 09, 2017 10:11 am

General Rules

  • Respect to all members: Whether they be staff or just a member, everyone deserves respect. We understand everyone loves a good laugh and picking on others within circles of friends, but if someone feels harassed in any manner and they ask you to stop, you are to stop. Failure to comply results in action from a staff member, reaching as far as a warning or a ban from the forum depending on the severity of your offense. We do not tolerate racism, sexism, or anything within a similar bracket. ¬†Even though when we're with our closest friends and we like to play roughly, we welcome role-players of all ages. Don't swear consistently and say rude words and comments constantly. It's okay to talk about certain sensitive subjects but if somebody is feeling uncomfortable about a topic of choice or your choice words, it is recommended that you change topics.

    Chatbox: Behave yourself and act like you have some sense. Caps lock, repeated postings, spamming dots, etc will not be allowed. When posting images use a spoiler, codes that alter the chat box may it be the spacing, font, etc is not allowed. No pornography or any other explicit images may be posted in the chat box or on this forum at all. This includes gore as well. Breaking this rule may result in an immediate ban from the chat box and maybe even the forum itself. Trolling or Flaming in any way shape or form is not tolerated. Although it's not exactly a rule, discussions about Religion, Politics, all that touchy stuff, should avoided and discussed elsewhere. If it gets out of hand, we may have to put our foot down.

  • Complainants: Complaining/whining about rulings, systems, rules, or outcomes of battles will not be condoned here especially not in the chatbox. If you have an issue, may it be with a person, rule, system, thread ruling, etc, you may kindly PM an Administrator or compose a topic about it. This does not guarantee you will get what you want, but it will get your claim heard and your observations viewed in a serious matter.

  • Loopholes: Yes, we all have those sly, cunning members where they try to slide there way through with wordplay and guile but we're going to say this now. Loopholing is not allowed. Ever. There will sometimes be pardons base don the situation but over all, don't try to go around rules or regulations. Not every system is perfect to cover all ground rules. If you think you need to scheme your way around something, it's probably not a good idea to attempt.

These rules may change or be added onto at any moment and it is the responsibility of the members to stay up to date on them. Use common sense and differ from attempting to exploit a system, rule or regulation for personal benefit. If you are caught doing so, you may be punished severely by voiding your character and forcing you to revise it, regardless if you're in a topic or not.

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2 Re: General Rules on Mon Feb 13, 2017 4:53 pm


There are two difficulties on this forum. This is to label the people who want to have fun and just role play casually with their friends or to the more competitive, hardcore, seasoned role play that enjoys the old way of role play or just likes the thrill of death at every turn. And bragging rights. These modes are called "Freelancer" and "Hunter". There is a short summary of what each respective mode does down below. Also, once you make a character with their respective mode you may NEVER change it unless circumstances call for it.

  • Freelancer: Freelance mode is for people who want to sit back, relax and enjoy the role-playing experience with them and their friends. In Freelance mode, you may tag your topics with tags that Hunters may need special requirements for. You may make private and invite only topics almost anywhere and you cannot die unless you allow your character to be killed. Be warned though, even though you cannot die against your will, you may also not be eligible for certain rewards, event items and even special requests as their drawback. Keep in mind, if you enter certain requests, dungeons and player-made topics that are death enabled, you are subject to being killed against your will if you enter. Take caution when proceeding into these topics. Lastly, it takes twice as much experience to ascend through ranks than it does a Hunter.

  • Hunter: Hunter mode is for the more hardcore role-player. Unlike Freelancers, you don't get to make private and invite-only topics unless it's a request, dungeon or your own property. You can be killed at anytime and any place regardless of the tags. Don't fret though, for a high risk, there's high reward. Unlike a freelancer, you are eligible for everything such as powerful weapons, artifacts, requests and ascend through the ranks quicker than freelancers.

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